THEVARS is a contemporary dance theatre and film ensemble centred around the work of Canadian choreographer Gabreïl Spiegelschrift.

Some of the projects contain material and subject matter that are intended for mature audiences.
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for solo cello and 4 people blinded by wealth

Through a unique pairing of Baroque Italian cello music and contemporary dance, this is a provocative work that seeks to question basic cultural assumptions and the relevance of current social systems.

Although each section of the choreography delves into purposeful analysis of specific structures, including systems of morals and ideas of self awareness, at the base of our production the inspiration is a simple question: With our limitless access to information why do we choose inaction?

The music, full of charm, lilt, passion, and purpose, was composed at a time when music was an instrument of spreading culture and reason. It animates the dance which in turn illuminates the divine spark that is in everyone.

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