THEVARS is a contemporary dance theatre and film ensemble centred around the work of Canadian choreographer Gabreïl Spiegelschrift.

Some of the projects contain material and subject matter that are intended for mature audiences.
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Luft und Erde (film)

Luft und Erde (film) - 1996

where the mountains touch the sky

Air and Earth (film)
where the mountains touch the sky

In 1996 the production of a film adaptation of ‘Luft und Erde’ (1994) was started. Meeting obstacles at every step in the process, from scheduling conflicts to snow storms during filmshoots, the destruction of the film and video footage due to a flood, put the project into limbo. Astonishingly in late 2008, parts of the original footage and some duplicate versions were found amoungst archival media. A completed version of the project is scheduled for 2009.

technical details

  • director
    Gabreïl Spiegelschrift
  • producer
    Homo Technologicus Productions
  • created and choreographed by
    Gabreïl Spiegelschrift
  • developed and performed with
    Nichole LaRochelle
  • light
    Sunny Thrasher & Mark Smith
  • thanks & dedications
    funding provided in parts by:
    Ontario Arts Council
  • premiere

photo Gabreïl Spiegelschrift

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